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Hardcore Pawn Chicago ( 14 minutes ago )

Blaargh : Pff talking sh*t about people who are walking away is a bitch move. The kid should have been set straight.

La casa de papel ( 16 minutes ago )

kos218 : Anybody to upload season 2 ?

Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places ( 17 minutes ago )

ateras360 : What an idiot..........

First Dates Hotel ( 24 minutes ago )

Babsido : Darill though. I kinda enjoyed him

Teen Mom ( 27 minutes ago )

ellegrl : A couple people said Ryan acted like he was on drugs. I really hope is isnt. I would like for it to be all the stress from adoption, to Kate, teen mom, and Nova but I will have to agree that he was acting like he was Fucked up on something.

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 28 minutes ago )

vtanisstoll : This version of Batman got his ass whooped, not once, not twice, not thrice! Lol Seriously, barely recognized the guy, but hey... it's a different take on the dark knight, and I can appreciate that.

Mosaic ( 30 minutes ago )

sleuthsnoopy : OMG! To me this is just annoying and boring. I know I've only seen one episode but I wanted to scratch my eyes out. Way too much pointless dialogue and the way they filmed this is just hazily horrid.

Falling Water ( 31 minutes ago )

phantomgod : Just finished season 1 an damn this a good show :)

Basilisk ( 31 minutes ago )

joshua121 : Music running throughout episode, very distracting. Animation rendering poorly of fight sequences

Valor ( 47 minutes ago )

AiryEllis : i like the show, but the acting is total crap sometimes lol

Dark Angel ( 48 minutes ago )

Ravnik1 : 3rd Season was put out in a book. called After the Dark.

Bron/Broen ( 56 minutes ago )

bevnick1 : Thanks Up-loaders Skoll!

The Hunt for Dark Matter ( 56 minutes ago )

Captron : Having the transcript of this documentary. Would allow the sharing of the incredible advances being made and increase the viewing of this video.

Another Period ( 1 hour ago )

desutoroya : finally i know why i never wear brown.

Dancing on Ice ( 1 hour ago )

wayney85 : What a crock of shit Lemar should of went all he did was go slow and wobble all over the place :/

Love, Kennedy ( 1 hour ago )

Odie0ne : Ive never cryed so much over a movie before. this is very sad and happy movie at the same time. dont really have the words. its a must watch

Supergirl ( 1 hour ago )

swans2525 : great comeback after the couple months away i loved it.

Den of Thieves ( 1 hour ago )

xpor1 : A newer version of heat.Ice cubes son would be the one to master mind the heist.

Chicago Med ( 1 hour ago )

SizzyLove : It was good to see Corbin Bleu In this eppy.... This was a good one...

The Hunt for Dark Matter ( 1 hour ago )

SamPax : dunno eiher what the stuff is o.o

The X-Files ( 1 hour ago )


Freak Show ( 2 hours ago )

hollycoco : At first I thought this kid was an entitled millennium drama queen yuppy... like, "Can't you at LEAST cut off the crusts" But then I felt sort of bad for him. His rich father never paid him any attention, but will take his friend fishing. The mother he loved only cares about his father's money, not him. Good case study for Borderline personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder. Dude got issues, more than sexuality. This coming from a liberal. I'm all about being yourself, and letting ones freak flag fly (while sharing his hatred of blue jeans), but he was a bit too out there. It's a high school, not Broadway theater. Like, tone it down bro. Too much attention whoring going on.

Lucifer ( 2 hours ago )

GeminiSaga : "I can't have chlamydia, I'm an angel"

The X-Files ( 2 hours ago )

BeeBoo : 1993—2018... a quarter of a century... who'd've thunk it??

Flesh and Blood ( 2 hours ago )

thunderbolito : This is indi /documentary type of film has a feeling of real life, it has the view and the reality how things are like for ex cons addicts , it was well put together, I liked the characters in it and story line.

The Rocket ( 2 hours ago )

FlameWarning : Good one time watch there is nothing special about it. I dont think it should have 8.1 rating on IMDB though. :) Would rather give 6 out of 10. It felt doll and rushed with no real emotions. But its not totally bad either. :)

The Mexican ( 2 hours ago )

SamPax : .. wasn't exactly The Twelve Monkeys, but bet it's three stars+ worth of your time. Cheers amigo.

Goutte d'Or ( 2 hours ago )

MorbidDeath : This was a tasty little gem 5/5. For those that can't or won't appreciate it - understand that everything in France is different to what you know. Especially their attitude and education regarding sex/nudity. It is rare to visit a a beach or river and not have someone be topless, it's not a big deal.

Supergirl ( 2 hours ago )

worksa7 : Drink every time Supergirl says "Got a job to do"

Maine Cabin Masters ( 2 hours ago )

Onthefringe : Im officially in MCM Withdraw! ? Sure did missed the last 2!

Shark Tank ( 2 hours ago )

Narmer : Can Sharks meditate?

Better Late Than Never ( 2 hours ago )

manditoe : I really like this show but this particular episode I didn't like as much as the other,s. I personally would not go there. I despise Bull fighting, it's a very cruel sport n all they eat is meat, all those new born little pigs n their heads cooked...Ohh I did not like that, I had to turn my head! Oh n rat brains??I have pet rats n have for yrs!.. just my opinion is all...

Call Me by Your Name ( 2 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : This is an amazing piece of cinematic excellence. I fell in love with the story, the actors and life watching it. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone in the mood for the experience of true cinematic art. Thank you, uploaders. 🍊

Only the Brave ( 3 hours ago )

GeminiSaga : Pretty good and touching movie, it will make you cry like a little girl. These men deserve much more praise than the other so-called heroes and their so-called service.

Celebrity Big Brother ( 3 hours ago )

enfuriae : Why is it that so many trans people feel as though the world owes them everything? I've also noticed how many are ultra hypocritical. They demand tolerance, while being grossly intolerant of everyone else. Caitlin Jenner is IMHO the best example of this and India is exactly the same way. I really don't think that helps their cause at all. I'm loving Courtney/Shane. I find him/her to be extremely respectful toward others and the personalities are very refreshing.

Heartland ( 3 hours ago )

SurfCityCA : Just when you think the series can't go much further and is near the end, they throw in a gem. Very beautiful episode. Will make your heart warm and tender.

The Alienist ( 3 hours ago )

karloff_ : wish i had not read the book so i did not know darth vader kills the shark in the end.

Key & Peele ( 3 hours ago )

uzukiichan : This show has the funniest stuff!

Another Period ( 3 hours ago )

manditoe : I'm so glad this show is back, I've been waiting all week for it to start! I knew she's do that with the Good for DopDo, I'm glad she got rid of him, I like

The Open House ( 3 hours ago )

iamJolina : This one really had potential but it went downhill really fast. Weird as f*ck

Wastelander ( 3 hours ago )

randylongworth : Really Really bad unless ure a hardcore B- movie lover.

Batman Gotham by Gaslight ( 3 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : Same ole Batman, same ole Jack ..... not much of a story. Good animation though.

Home Town ( 3 hours ago )

trunikitafan : are there more links to this episode than just promo host?

Lucifer ( 4 hours ago )

vampwalker709 : Okay here is the solution to there problem sedate him then incinerate him separate the ashes pour them into different cement and make cinder blocks for each little chunk of ash drop the cinder blocks into every ocean and deep water body and maybe some volcano's then burn the place you used to incinerate him just to be safe..... OR use that blade that could kill even gods that should work cause if god could give immortality that could withstand that why wouldn't he give it to himself.

Shark Tank ( 4 hours ago )

Pisces_ : This is exactly the reason why I can't stand American reality television. A woman gets called a gold-digger by a man and ONLY the two non-Americans stand up for her and say something. That was absolutely disgusting to witness and the producers didn't even edit it out. Do business men not get a deal where they want a little more??? - does anyone call that gold-digging. Are they not on this show for a full 30 minute commercial of themselves! And BS about only being here to "help lives". He just brought someone down to their core on television for the world to attack her. I never liked that guy from the moment I watched on episode. He's a man with money and feels as if he can own a woman and say, do whatever he wants. Completely disgusted.

Den of Thieves ( 4 hours ago )

finjongen : It's a complete rip from a combination of Heat and the Usual suspect, only this one is not done so well, here you just get fooled to try to create that same effect at the end as the usual suspect, but that effect is just not there.

Vikings ( 4 hours ago )

torrac : fantastic ep but not history acute.

Mosaic ( 4 hours ago )

Benevolentia : Sharon Stone is terrible in this - her acting is just not up to par and all those Basic Instinct poses ugh. This had potential and I will probably watch a few more episodes when they air to give it a chance... I guess.

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Latest Comments

La casa de papel

kos218 : Anybody to upload season 2 ?

Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places

ateras360 : What an idiot..........

First Dates Hotel

Babsido : Darill though. I kinda enjoyed him

Batman Gotham by Gaslight

vtanisstoll : This version of Batman got his ass whooped, not once, not twice, not thrice! Lol ...


sleuthsnoopy : OMG! To me this is just annoying and boring. I know I've only seen one episode b ...

Falling Water

phantomgod : Just finished season 1 an damn this a good show :)


joshua121 : Music running throughout episode, very distracting. Animation rendering poorly o ...

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