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Beyond ( 6 hours ago )

iszazial : is this a remake of the odyssey?

Day of the Dead: Bloodline ( 6 hours ago )

Repairmanjack : This is the worst movie. Ever. Waste of money.

Life Below Zero ( 6 hours ago )

MontyFly : It seems this is one of those cutting room floor episodes with a few clips not seen before mixed in with footage cut from previous episodes. I hope this series hasn't died and they are doing what other similar shows have done when they died by showing old footage. I have enjoyed this series a lot and will miss it if it ends.

Blame ( 6 hours ago )

me2ureview : I thought the movie was very good but I as many others did not get the ending at all,I mean what was the purpose and meaning.

Primeval ( 6 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : Everything happening before this episode converges into questions of what will happen next. One more episode of this series to find out.

Conan ( 6 hours ago )

WeirdMonkey : After almost 8 years on TBS, Conan finally got a brand new stage design. Looks snazzy! :)

Supernatural ( 6 hours ago )

missypanda3 : THIS WAS HORRIBLE. Strictly for the young teen audience. Us hardcore adult fans won't be watching this.

Charmed ( 6 hours ago )

Ci_Lian : Pheobe's dress and herself look like a street worker , not slightly close ,far away far far away from Cinderella. Gosh , I hate her now. I used to dislike her now definitely hate her!Miss Prude!

Meet the Spartans ( 6 hours ago )

joe6786 : Who died for this movie, made this movie, framed a copy? no not the idiocrity of some galaxy far far away in the other multi-verses, here's the ultimate epic hint::::: During the credits, then B roll I mean edits and bloopers end, girl is high as bleeep! I'll hold back from commenting further for fear of detracting in any way shape or form from the finest statement ever.

The Happening ( 6 hours ago )

joe6786 : great then someone DESTROYED IT by not saying CUT! It was ten times the movie THEN SOMEONE DESTROYED IT BY ADDING THE EXTRA last bit, TOTAL IDIOTS! Like Suspicious0bservers Raise the Standard tripe that was perfect up to the first half, it was perfect THEN SOMEONE SAID LETS ADD THIS, and then it was no more, DESTROYED! Happens all the time to a lot of movies, they're doing fine, its good, then for some reason they destroy it with tripe, oh well.

Delirium ( 6 hours ago )

jokerirl : I enjoyed it.... Wasn't the best but entertining! Wasn't that the house from phantasm? Plus some of the music? 😏😎

Bad Grandmas ( 6 hours ago )

truck59 : This movie was too much but funny ................................

Judge Judy ( 7 hours ago )

annelapham : Its always funny when the defendant comes up with a new version of the events that is different from their sworn statement. hahahaha, bad memory = embarassment

Strange Frequency ( 7 hours ago )

Dragonsnot : the first was my favorite out of the bunch....

Miriam's Big American Adventure ( 7 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : The ''grandma-investigates'' feeling of her query's were comfortable and genuine. Her jaunt into Englewood - the most dangerous suburb of chicago - followed by the fatal shooting of three people in the very spot they were standing ((instagraming)) moments before, was heart stopping! But when spectators of the shooting seemed entirely unfazed with babies still playing in the street, I felt horrified/dumbstruck. There's much to see if you're looking, but this is no docu-drama. She let me feel like I was running amok chatting people up myself. Kudo's to her interest, a warriors heart and enormous intent.

Primeval ( 7 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : All stops were pulled out for this final season. Edge of the seat episode.

The Open House ( 7 hours ago )

mbarl002 : So bad, just say no. Find something else to do for an hour and a half, because I lost that time and will never get it back.

Killing Mr. Griffin ( 7 hours ago )

GRiMM427 : From the synopsis it sounds like a rip off of "Teaching Ms. Tingle" ...

Godzilla Monster Planet ( 7 hours ago )

HatHead : I was entertained by this creative take on Godzilla. Excellent production values with the exception of the excessive and unnecessary techno cross-talk: 'I am pressing [some button.]', 'I am activating [some technology].', 'Countdown to [technology use]'...etc

Delirium ( 7 hours ago )

powermetal2000 : Poorly directed, poorly acted, low budget found footage crap.

The Midnight Man ( 7 hours ago )

Will7218 : Finally, a good horror movie! Great way to start off the new year, this one is worth a watch. 4/5

Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing ( 8 hours ago )

laylai : I do not believe in the death penalty. I never have. This is the one and only time I do believe in it. Terrorists should be punished like no other. They mass murder on as big a scale as they can. No matter if there's Children from teens to toddlers and babies, pensioners , Innocent normal people. anyone. The more the merrier to them. YOU are a victim just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.( like this doc, nice innocent human beings , out for the day ( probably raising money for charity etc) . families out together minding their own business. Terrorists stick a massive two fingers up to EVERYONE in the country and has no prejudice when it comes to their victims. As many Men, Women and Children is the only code they use. Causing massive Public mayhem is what they want so we should give it to them.Each hurt victim should be able to have 2 mins of time with them face to face. Whether thats to say something to them or stick a screwdriver through their brain or whatever form of torture you decide upon. Their heinous acts are directed at us all so They should then have a PUBLIC execution. Go medieval on their arse and publicly hung or hung draw and quartered. Public hanging,flaying or burning at times square or leicester square. give a big two fingers back. YEAH..

Hot Streets ( 8 hours ago )

El_Barto420 : Rick and morty is funny but way overrated. this show just flat out sucks.

Brick City ( 8 hours ago )

Dethkids : Wow this is a great Documentary/series very well done duality with the juxtapose of city, music, streets, system and Newark culture from system to citizen standpoint. Excellent Job. This makes me think,human struggle is in the heart and mind,no matter who you are or in what time period you reside. thanks for the upload of endless content once again Prime Peoples !

The X-Files ( 8 hours ago )

El_Barto420 : Teey should bring back married with children next. make david faustino the new Al they could do somethin with that. MWC the next generation. Bring it back!

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta ( 8 hours ago )

me2ureview : Branden is just ridiculous he is trying to be something he is not and is very immature,Deb is trying to get him to understand that the business is nothing to play with and is a hard game to play but Branden gets all pissy if things don't go his way or people don't bow down to him,he is a joke.

Singularity ( 8 hours ago )

randylongworth : 30 min and i'm out this is not for me.

Geostorm ( 8 hours ago )

GPZ550 : Wow, what lame turn of the generation. Snotty female/male wannabe's, Gerard Butler, trendy political/environmental topic. The actions not bad though..

The Midnight Man ( 8 hours ago )

lovelyonuoha : this wasn't that bad.

Dixie Jamboree ( 8 hours ago )

annelapham : watched this on to study the hairstyles and costumes. It starts with the usual ballroom dance foxtrot music by a full orchestra. The entire film is shadowed by its own musical score. I liked the subtle musical tunes to highlight the action. If you are the kind of person who breaks into song sometimes when you face your truth, then enjoy this movie about like-minded behaving people who also burst into song whenever the urge strikes.

The Flash ( 8 hours ago )

Jestyr53 : WOW!!! Devoe is really piling it on! Hope they find something to help him.

The Cruise ( 8 hours ago )

Raspbrryswirl : A segment of this episode reminded me of the tv series Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. I would not want Engineer Scott's job no matter how much they paid me!! I hope he is getting a good salary for his Engineering job et al.

My 600-lb Life ( 8 hours ago )

Skorp : It still amazes me how someone can get themselves to this point. If I see just a little bit of fat on me along checking my weight, I quickly stop and take control and end up just a few days back to where I want to be. What goes in a mind of a food addict, a huge mystery I'll never understand.

Penelope ( 8 hours ago )

truck59 : Cool movie ........................................................

Grey's Anatomy ( 8 hours ago )

aisha13 : I thought the title of this episode; the phone number was fake! It's the national hotline for people who are being abused. That's pretty awesome of Shonda Rhimes to do that.

Beyond ( 8 hours ago )

Buster_Friendly : SLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWW plot, too derivative, too much drama, not enough action. Not my cup of whatever.

Small Town Crime ( 9 hours ago )

reginaldcurrie : Really good movie

The Perfect Suspect ( 9 hours ago )

ateras360 : He knew damn well who killed her and I think he should be in prison right along with that slutbag.

The Midnight Man ( 9 hours ago )

nixanumberone : Didnt think it will be bad,was dead wrong.....

Mom and Dad ( 9 hours ago )

ellegrl : I got into a big argument with my 13 year old daughter last night and this morning so it was kinda ironic that this movie was uploaded in dvd quality. My hubby and I just watched it and it was good but not something I would add to favorites. Selma Blair's facial expression make me laugh so hard but the ending sucked...

Primeval ( 9 hours ago )

Lucy18960 : This episode: New beginnings and the beginning of the end. Good as always.

Super Tiny Animals ( 9 hours ago )

manditoe : Only this one has a working link...cute show!*8 This was a really good episode but it was an hr. Such lovely people who love their babies, except for the Rabbit owner who only does it for winning, that turned me off!

Molly's Game ( 9 hours ago )

popofparis : freaking AMAZING !!!!

The Curse of Oak Island ( 9 hours ago )

jbtalk2me : Man I'm rooting for these guys to find treasure.

Whale Wars Viking Shores ( 9 hours ago )

manditoe : ALL these Jokers condemning people who r trying to save any animal, any animal period, U should be ashamed! For the ones Yapping About The Horrendous Factory Farming, there r many people working to end it eventually, it takes time, These are powerful forces behind the Factory Farms of the selling of Meat/Milk etc.. It's mostly up to the people to stop eating it to help put the industry down n stop the slaughter of animals! **How do u feel about the Thousand n thousands of Dogs being slaughtered in Asia for Food, n they do it very cruely too?? **WOULD u A-Holes condemn the people trying to stop all these other slaughters of living beings elsewhere too? U make me sick! ** What the HELL r u watching this show for anyways if u hate it so much! U just came here to Bitch and flap your big mouths off! I so wish at times the downvote was still in effect!

The X-Files ( 9 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : OMG...the cheesiness is back!! Love it! ♥ 5/5 Enjoy!

A Series of Unfortunate Events ( 9 hours ago )

tiGErkiLLer28 : Season 2 comes out March 30 2018

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( 9 hours ago )

tiGErkiLLer28 : Season 5 returns January 26 2018!!!

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