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Delirium ( 9 hours ago )

Malice486 : Garbage "found footage" trash. When will they realize no one likes this garbage and stop wasting their time and money and make something people actually want to see.

Small Town Crime ( 9 hours ago )

TX2Guns : John Hawkes is a great actor with a lot of range. This one is worth your time. 8/10

Song of Surrender ( 9 hours ago )

annelapham : interesting twist on the may/september romance theme mixed with a seduction attempt by prince charming, misunderstandings, forgiveness, and while there is still time to enjoy it, love happens. not overly sweet, appropriate for the genre, and be sure to watch for Eva Gabor as the Countessa

Vikings ( 10 hours ago )

jetero : how did she convince the elder son not to become the king ??

Britannia ( 10 hours ago )

pappaaa : "Listen carefully,very carefully,finding a weak spot and then push..." I like the stile already.

Agatha Christie's Marple ( 10 hours ago )

MarisaCole70 : This is the awful version with the fish faced mean Miss Marple, not the good one.

The Last Temptation of Christ ( 10 hours ago )

caprikorn : So glad I finally got around to seeing this , quite interesting and a neat perspective .

Panic 9-1-1 ( 10 hours ago )

manditoe : That last story, wow, they were so lucky those young men happened to be there. I just don't like how some of the stories r repeat the same stuff over n over.

Queen Sugar ( 10 hours ago )

JayDavid93 : Ralph Angel is a trip.. He's a good guy, ready to get his life together but he still needs to grow up, and stop feelin inferior to his sisters.. He thinks it's him against the world.. But this was a good episode.. The actin in this show is enough to draw me in..

The X-Files ( 10 hours ago )

HalliBot1138 : Holy hell that was a great episode! 5/5 Enjoy!

Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid ( 10 hours ago )

me2ureview : Lilyan and her mother Kat are basically 12 year old bullies, her mother should be ashamed acting childish as she is and should be teaching her daughter to be more respectful and mature. They tend to be the house instigators of being mean girls and getting the others on board the bully ship. In my honest opinion Lilyan isn't all that and should be grateful that she got a spot for this opportunity. Lilyan is very rude and very jealous of everyone which means that she is insecure of herself and she knows it. She needs to stop being a mean girl and learn how to live in a positive and light place and while she is at it maybe she can teach her mom how to behave like an adult.

Mama June from Not to Hot ( 11 hours ago )

t0pboi : The fam is back! This first episode was kinda boring but hopefully things will become more entertaining throughout the season.

Roadkill Garage ( 11 hours ago )

un4given2008 : Great show, thank you uploader, hope to see more

BET's Mancave ( 11 hours ago )

Willyridge : Yo mad respect for Lamar coming on this show and keepin it real. Couldnt of been easy but he a real one for that

Britannia ( 11 hours ago )

TODD30 : Loved it definitely has promise.

Arrow ( 11 hours ago )

enlightendbel : The new Siren, I can get, people do dumb things when they are in love. The others, they are acting like annoying selfish children. I hope they never get to rejoin the team. Really, the way they are writing them to act isn't conducive to good reasons for doing what they do, to then have a grand reunion when things come to a close. The way they are writing them to act is showing they are not and should never be part of a team.

Wildflower ( 11 hours ago )

truck59 : Great sweet touching loving movie Patricia knocks it out ...

Life Below Zero ( 11 hours ago )

Dee2U : This one is a special, not the regular episode. Episode 4 is called To Catch a King.

Britannia ( 11 hours ago )

manditoe : I added to my Favorites n it shows all the episodes r to be added immediately so this has all ready been on and over. I can't wait to power watch this! ** I really hope who ever is uploading this show(bless your heart n Thxx) will hurry with the next ep... lol.. **update..I actually checked IMDb and it says it came out in the U.S.A/UK Jan 18th, so I'm not sure why every episode is there, maybe a mistake and I was so excited. :(

Supernatural ( 11 hours ago )

Blaargh : Found Claire a bit to obstinate, with her wannabee crazy eyes and stuff but other then that minor detail great episode.

Betrayed ( 11 hours ago )

Cesarborja1479 : This FBI guy fud just 10 years...then is helping on a movie on what he dud with Philip Noyce directing???? This is totally WRONG WRONG ,and MORE WRONG...SHAME!!!!!

Britannia ( 11 hours ago )

manditoe : I could definitely power watch this! I have watched many Doc's on the roman empire, all they did was steal other Countries n Tribes Fortunes, kill n take the leftover men woman n children as slaves everywhere they went, that's how they got powerful n rich! I have NO love for them period! Eventually many romans integrated in Britannia n married woman there too.

American Crime Story ( 11 hours ago )

alias6969 : This was a great start to the Versace murder story! I can't wait til they show more of the first murders that Andrew committed and how he unravelled from the very beginning. The guy was one sick dude!

Catfish: The TV Show ( 11 hours ago )

Babsido : She’s studying to be a You need steady hands for that

Mom and Dad ( 11 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : This film tried to be retro, hip, and incorporate a 'parental Purge day' in the mix, but sadly for me, it took too long and felt too contrived and forced. If it had a better pace, it might've worked. As it is, I felt kinda run down after watching it. Thanks for the upload.

The Commuter ( 11 hours ago )

MarisaCole70 : No surpises, but really fun. This and Acts of Violence are really similar, but reversed. This is a lot like Die Hard, and that is alot like Taken! Its just too bad that it was sooo very predictable. It reminds me of like the 1980's horror films where the black guy or gay person always died first, and the pretty blond would always be the final girl! Now its a different order, but the same thing. Like if you have a group of white cops, you can almost bet one of them is the bad guy in any intrigue show, and as we know Liam Neesen is a good guy....Hollywood is so afraid of doing anything different. Honestly, they need some new tropes.

The Open House ( 11 hours ago )

mrberry2u : what theeee!? no. just no.

Delirium ( 12 hours ago )

SamPax : The Gates of Delirium by Yes takes You Out there.. . but this just #@&%

Drive ( 12 hours ago )

Guerrilla67 : YoSaffBridge . . . mmmmm-mmmmm , yummy.

Mourning Becomes Electra ( 12 hours ago )

annelapham : Great story, but the movie felt long, and at 2 1/2 hours IT IS Very long. If I hear the song, Shenendoah, one more time I will go insane.

Damnation ( 12 hours ago )

nakedheart : Wait so did he commit suicide at the end? I couldn't tell because it was too dark.

Family Guy ( 12 hours ago )

TheApathy : This is unwatchable, all the damn links have episodes that are slow as hell and you can't even leave them charging. In most the audio doesn't even match anyway.

Top Chef ( 12 hours ago )

t0pboi : Glad that chef is gone. The team challenge was a fun one but team effort always helps to make a victory.

Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid ( 12 hours ago )

me2ureview : what the hell Yolanda walks in with cupcakes???? holy shit I remember watching a episode on Real Housewives where Gigi wanted a cupcake and Yolanda jumped down her throat not to have one and Gigi took a pinch of it and ate it,well holy crap Yolanda lost it!! she yelled at her and food shamed her telling her she was going to be to fat now to be a model and she better go now and work it off for 8 hours!! but yet Yolanda comes in with cupcakes and tons of icing for the girls, way to set them up for failure!!, yep typical Yolanda only look out for your own. I'm pretty sure when Yolanda watched the casting tapes the girls done to get on the show and the one girl said *I'm going to be better then Gigi and Kylie Jenner one day,and I bet Yolanda said *You will never beat my daughter,I'm pretty sure that girl will because she has given something that Gigi,Bella, Anwar,Kylie have never done and that Blood sweat and tears and most of all genuine hard work.

How to Get Away with Murder ( 12 hours ago )

kali_me : Jeez I'm usually a little afraid of psychos but Frank just has that little something that makes him hot when he goes insane... Also I can't believe this ending, I hope it's not what I think, don't spoil him guys!

Child's Play 2 ( 12 hours ago )

sirenofthesea : One of my favorites out of all the movies I have seen so far. Before he exploded and was melted, I was thinking "Dang, that doll is Immortal. He really cannot die can he?". If he came back after his head exploding, then I would be done. (Not literally)

Happy ( 12 hours ago )

christmastiger : This show is great, please don't let it go the way of so many SyFy shows and get canceled prematurely

The X-Files ( 12 hours ago )

SlabTzu : Ahhhhhh man, that is not cool, not cool at all Mr Smokey dude.

Lethal Weapon ( 12 hours ago )

NickFuryJudgeJury : We had a mini In Living Color reunion there with Damian Wayans and the therapist for his son. I was like, "ol what's her face in the show look at there." ( I don't remember her name) I think they need to bring back the lady FBI agent she was good with Riggs and make Leo Getz a regular part of the show.

Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid ( 13 hours ago )

me2ureview : Her daughters and son should have been put through this same grueling test to become a model instead of being let in through the back door with no talent and yet they still have no talent.

Project Runway All Stars ( 13 hours ago )

LOOHOO4 : Ken is a punk ass whiner..Leave Sam alone

The Cara Project ( 13 hours ago )

drno62 : Why would anybody care about this?

Scandal ( 13 hours ago )

nakedheart : I don't understand why those complaining about this show and HTGAWM is actually complaining after all this time. These shows are what they are and that's why viewers are watching it...for the over the top, the ridiculousness, drama, insanity, etc... It hasn't changed & I don't expect it to, just curious to see what comes next. Don't know why others do and get upset when it doesn't.

Happy ( 13 hours ago )

finigan1 : This show is insane and I love it!I especially love that its on a network that can get away with just about anything unlike other shows that are out there like preacher which is great but is dumbed down from what it should be because of the network its on. syfy has really upped their game with shows like happy,z nation,channel zero,blood drive,and the expanse,I am especially loving channel zero and them bringing some of the best creepy pasta's to the screen,first season candle cove,second season no end house,and starting feb 7th butchers block.can't wait to see what syfy will do next.I hate that they cancelled dark matter but with a show like happy to replace it I really can't complain to much.

Nudist Colony of the Dead ( 13 hours ago )

silvereagle2061 : This movie came out in 1991

Supernatural ( 13 hours ago )

luvlinguae : Girls' night out at the monster mash. Can't wait for the spinoff spinoff, when it's all about Sam and Dean! That'll be awesome!

The Big Bang Theory ( 13 hours ago )

EauRouge : Hey Donald: "You cannot play golf in a Hazmat suit".

The First 48 ( 13 hours ago )

Babsido : Kyle killed with his own gun

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