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Wolf Creek 2 ( 14 hours ago )

sarahgloster : Excellent movie!! Everyone is saying it's better then the first and I agree. I'm excited to start the TV show tonight.

Conor McGregor: Notorious ( 14 hours ago )

BekZos : Dog eat Dog with that last fight. WoW... He sure is a good fighter.

Small Town Crime ( 15 hours ago )

alias6969 : This was an okay movie. A little slow to start, but once it gets going it holds your interest. Hawkes gives a great performance and literally saves the movie from a snooze fest. Good for a one time watch. 6/10

Love & Hip Hop: Miami ( 15 hours ago )

augusts1 : Guilty pleasure watch. These people are so fake it's ridiculous and hilarious as are the situations. If anyone thinks these shows are really real, come on, it's TV and they script everything out and assign the 'roles' the people will be playing. I've heard this time and again from interviews with reality stars.

Will & Grace ( 15 hours ago )

Pisces_ : Seeing old faces is nice adds to idea that this show wasn't really gone.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 15 hours ago )

joalex : Another excellent episode. It is interesting how when you think you will find answers from the next episode, then the next episode comes but after watching it you end up with more questions.

High Maintenance ( 15 hours ago )

greenguy86 : They were brothers... only in NYC I guess. The best thing about this series is the soundtrack.

Will & Grace ( 16 hours ago )

Pisces_ : Hilarious episode. Karen's hair this episode looks like a nest sitting on top her head

Delicious ( 16 hours ago )

tapirpunk : This is such an amazing show, so well written, great actors, amazing location, so happy this got a second series,

Love & Hip Hop: Miami ( 16 hours ago )

Aichaton : Amara is a mix of Tyra Banks and Kenya Moore...the epidemy of beauty.

The Open House ( 16 hours ago )

manditoe : I really didn't mind this movie, It was ok but kinda sad too, disappointing ending!... creepy, being messed with like that n then the attack.. I'm glad I can just watch a movie n not look for every flaw or analyze every little thing that way I tend to enjoy stuff, some movies with too many dumb characters is annoying though.

Delirium ( 16 hours ago )

Smokey_greenleaf : slow, boring, crap. enough said.

The Commuter ( 16 hours ago )

BobGray : I think the setup of this movie was pretty interesting but after 20 minutes they played the "Taken" card which was a bit of a let down for me. But that aside, you get what you expect from Neeson nowadays. Very Entertaining and then you forget about it for the rest of your life. 7/10

Gold Rush: White Water ( 16 hours ago )

tcon77 : Wow Carlos was there for 2 days and he gets in with the group no problem for doing nothing more than telling them that the mask is a bit plugged and giving people positive comments and the 24 year old kid works his ass for weeks moving all that lumber and gets absolutely nothing. Dustin needs a good smack across the head with one of those lumber boards.

The Midnight Man ( 16 hours ago )

magmadar : -

Gold Rush: White Water ( 16 hours ago )

DellBayou : These guys are funny, chasing down a single nugget with $50K in borrowed money. Poor old timer isn't granted the full respect he deserves. I wonder what happens to their gold site next season after the mining safety commission sees their violations showcased here.

The Watcher in the Woods ( 16 hours ago )

delhirose : I really lost interest throughout this film. It could have been done so much better. They had the scenery, the house, everything in place, but it just didnt have that something. I didn't relate to the characters/actors at all except for Angelica Houston, apart from that, the best part was it is great for the hearing impaired. Cheers uploaders

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ( 16 hours ago )

ditzygypsy : I like the dialogue and personalities; they’re quite funny, but I despise anything as remotely homogenized as Broadway or Glee or even _____________Fill in the blank Idol, and I have to try to scrub through the music parts when a link will let me do that without opening 4 tabs! The Balencia girl is so horse faced homely and has the most nasally whiney voice. I’m still trying to figure if they’re all being facetious or serious when someone calls her a babe, lol. I wish they’d hike the long music video-esq songs and get on with the comedy. If I want to hear someone sing well, movies and TV are not where I go to find that.

Princess Mononoke ( 16 hours ago )

Pisces_ : captivating and great storytelling.

SWAT (2017) ( 16 hours ago )

shakadechamp : finally something interesting. Lets go hondo

Taken ( 17 hours ago )

alias6969 : Wow, awesome episode. That ending was so good. I loved the flashbacks this episode of his childhood. 5/5

All the Money in the World ( 17 hours ago )

literati : What a woman!!! That's a Mama Bear if ever there was one. Chilling story. A glimpse into what a workaholic can accumulate when nothing else matters. This is ambition and greed as a severe form of mental illness and how that specific kind of addiction puts those around the addict in danger. Plummer played the addict well. Michelle Williams' performance was even better. This film will hold your attention, start to finish. 5/5 ETA: some violence and one harrowing gory scene but it's over in 3 minutes

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ( 17 hours ago )

me2ureview : Siggy is by far the most Obnoxious loud big mouth I have ever seen, she is also psycho and delusional any time she is on I fast forward so I don't have to want to gouge my eye balls out. I guess its safe to say I cant stand her.

Ridiculousness ( 17 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : A kid ate a parrot and his momma 'bout snatched his head off! Yeah, sounds bad but that was damn funny, and its no spoiler cuz you'll never see it coming!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ( 17 hours ago )

EquinePassion : shotgun axe-brilliant

Untold Stories of the ER ( 17 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : If you survive these awful retellings and even worse acting. Then none of it will make ya feel better about being near the ER, for any reason.

The Open House ( 18 hours ago )

delhirose : Well, lots of negative comments, firstly I will say this is not a horror at all, no where near it, crime yes, seem's everything is going under the movie genre horror these days. I didn't mind this at all, it kept me glued to the screen and guessing, and liked the ending, the way it should have finished. Sure there were parts that pissed you off, but most films are like that, overall, give it a watch, don't expect horror, enjoy the ride. Cheers uploaders

Gold Rush ( 18 hours ago )

FBananapants : Todd Stubbornman The Hoff doesn't deserve to have his name sullied by this neanderthal.

First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers ( 18 hours ago )

zapater : Horrific story on the barbarity of war,no matter what caused it...these are true facts as remembered by a little girl and the critical role she played in real life beautifully re-enacted by the very expressive Sareum Srey Moch.....talking of genocide and indoctrination!!...AJ showing her very capable skills in directing,intertwining prose and poetry,with harrowing close ups and long shots during the long desperate march.....deserving more awards for sure...9/10.

I Married a Witch ( 18 hours ago )

PaleHorse4 : Great film,. I don't know if it was because I was obsessed with the supernatural when I was a child or that even that young I thought Veronica Lake was HOT! I still love her!

Supernatural ( 18 hours ago )

kenXz : heyyy! Well what do you know, I recognize that inter-dimensional monster!!! Its a frikkin Predator from the movie Alien VS Predator!!! Awesome! And this ones a hunter too, but its a cannibal predator! Cool... I like it already. But it does look like a disfigured somewhat premature born predator ... still looks cool. Its wearing an over coat, so that's different! Hunts not for sport, but food! And probably is a retarded breed of the predators being short, under developed, even the skins like that of a 4-5 months old predator baby!!!

Record of Grancrest War ( 18 hours ago )

madbill : really good story line and characters!!!

Gold Rush ( 18 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : Give Hunter to Tony as his personal grunt for one season. I wanna watch THAT.

Gold Rush: White Water ( 19 hours ago )

PMB79 : That Dustin needs a serious reality check.

2001: A Space Odyssey ( 19 hours ago )

ronbonnie : I remember when I was nine or ten sneaking up and this was on late great movies on city-tv (Canadians will get that reference)watching it I had no understanding of what I was watching but I was so amazed by the visuals and Hal that I watched the whole thing and it stuck in my head for a long time. Of course I saw it again when I was about 17 and this time I understood the masterpiece I was watching. 5/5

Swedish Dicks ( 19 hours ago )

Dante89 : Okay episode, hilarious ending haha 5/10

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams ( 19 hours ago )

redhouze : That telepathy girl would make a great Ragged Robin... Mr. Morrison...

SWAT (2017) ( 19 hours ago )

MIGAS21 : If you ignore the occasional incredibly cheesy dialogue it's a fun watch. The Lead handles the cheese the best, the rest are unbearable when they do it. The Lead must be a very very good actor or just a warm hearted guy to pull-off the terrible material the writers give him. WRITERS! There are ways to portray human decency and cheese ain't one of them.

High Maintenance ( 19 hours ago )

cdw29 : I was not ready to see heidi

Supernatural ( 19 hours ago )

kenXz : Werewolves? for real man? come on, such lame filler episodes are the main reason I quit on this show in the first place are they really gonna throw that shit in your face again and again? What's Clair's malfunction that shes playing wild wild west? Tone it down a bit girl, you aint fooling nobody with a bad ass attitude! When Clair asked her sister "what kinda job?" in the start, I really wished Clair's sister should've replied "The kind that pays the fricking bills" that would've been a load off of me!! because Sam & Dean dont do shit! Yet they always have money! Where do they keep getting all that money from? Its not like their daddy left them a handsome bank balance or even a trust, hell for more than a decade they stayed at motels with 3 different types of room designs if anyone ever notice that?

Young Sheldon ( 19 hours ago )

SlabTzu : Back when Radio Shack was a man store. And Sheldon and I had the same computer for our first computer. Sheldon was fool not to play video games. A fool!

Bad Grandmas ( 19 hours ago )

annelapham : ok, not exactly a brady bunch begs the question would you kill for your criends or family? ad who would you call to help dispose of the body ? just kidding and this movie shows deep relationship bonds as if it matters

The Midnight Man ( 19 hours ago )

delhirose : This was a good film, like most comments, some very creepy moments, no jump scares or anything, a good script, and creepy house. Definitely worth the watch for the supernatural horror fans. Cheers uploaders

Real Time with Bill Maher ( 19 hours ago )

hollis517 : i'm usually pretty hard on Bill. tonight's show, however, is a refreshing change for the better. are there new writers? i noticed less bark and more real bite, ESPECIALLY in Bill's epilogue, which needs to be Facebooked, viralized, and taken to heart. not since the Original Poster of Common Sense, the immortal Thomas Paine, have i heard such straightforward, unvarnished common sense! i am dying to know who all had a hand in writing that speech -- they all (or could it possibly have been Bill alone?) deserve Common Sense Awards, which should be the most treasured awards bestowed upon citizen activists. i myself could not possibly covet any greater honor. i'm particularly grateful for the shout-out given to the importance of humor in society. Why so serious? said the Joker's father -- a question i take, if you'll pardon the redundancy, seriously. we, all of us Americans, must be able to recognize differences and similarities, to laugh at deliberate incongruities and treat unintended revelations that do us no favors with more than a grain of salt. we have to understand the concept of Balance; we cannot continue to oversimplify Reality as if everything were so obvious that the merest dunce could comprehend it. we must relearn the Art of Critical Thinking. face it, folks ... Life, lived well, isn't uncomplicated; but when lived well, it can seem effortless.

Cheaper by the Dozen ( 19 hours ago )

lowoil : Fantastic classic movie that has such heart. Each character is brilliantly brought forth. Favorited.

Singularity ( 20 hours ago )

Jarhon : 0.5/5 and that .5 only because the hope of 2nd movie that might not be as horrible as this one.

The Devil You Know ( 20 hours ago )

BellaMia2 : My goodness me! How many freaking red flags does one need to be shown, for that person to get a clue? I find it annoying when people who are supposed to be "smart", completely loses their wits when someone comes into their lives, in the name of love. It drives me nuts! I hope she'll be wiser next time.

Life in Pieces ( 20 hours ago )

Lixter : Why does Zoe Lister Jone's (Jane) character always has to be so cynical, sourpuss and to be like she is a superior being above everybody and everything. i mean at the beginning i didn't care about it. but it is starting to get kind of annoying and the less she's on the show the more i actually enjoy it.

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